About Us

A whimsical chocolate factory crafting entheogenic-infused gummies, chocolates, and capsules, with vibrant machines and busy workers creating transformative treats.

Discover the origins of Super Smashed, where two visionaries united to create magic chocolate bars, gummies, and capsules. Our journey is rooted in a commitment to enhance lives with high-quality, entheogenic delights. We've meticulously crafted each product with ceremonial grade chocolate and selected vegan, gluten-free ingredients, ensuring an inclusive, magical experience. Explore our range of entheogenic-infused wonders and join a community that values purity, taste, and the transformative power of magic edibles.

Freshly harvested cocoa beans being processed into ceremonial grade cacao for our unique chocolate bars, infused with entheogenic blends for a transformative experience.

Super Smashed is dedicated to merging science with spiritual well-being. We rigorously research and collaborate with experts to ensure our magic chocolate bars, gummies, and capsules are safe, effective, and scientifically sound. Our mission is to foster a community dedicated to living better, more fulfilling lives. We're constantly innovating and educating to enhance personal growth and well-being. Join us in exploring the potential of entheogenic products for a more enlightened, joyful journey.

Where are we going

At Super Smashed, we're passionately expanding the horizons of entheogenic blends, focusing on innovative product development, global outreach, and impactful social responsibility. Our commitment to excellence in entheogenic edibles is at the forefront as we innovate and introduce our high-quality, transformative products to new markets. With a keen eye on the future, we're dedicated to harnessing the potential of entheogenic blends to enhance lives worldwide, ensuring that our growth is aligned with giving back to the community and the environment. Discover the future with us, where every step forward is a stride towards a more enlightened, globally connected experience with the finest entheogenic blends.